Startups Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media


Social Media has become a buzzword for easy access to a vibrant market of customers. Every startup loves the idea of going viral, but what does that mean? How do you accomplish that? What can a startup do that can help reach a worldwide audience? There are some simple things you can do to make a splash on social media, but understand that social media isn’t a silver bullet. It takes work on and offline to make your startup succeed. Here are a few ways you can go viral with your startup on social media.

1)     Keep an active presence on Twitter and Facebook

The first thing any startup should do is create their Twitter and Facebook pages and keep an active presence on there. Post daily deals from your startup and don’t be discouraged by the initial lack of followers. Interaction with your customers is key to creating loyalty to your brand and raising your Twitter profile. There are sites out there such as which can help you keep track of the impact you’re making with your Twitter presence. If someone tweets at you (positive or negative), tweet back and make sure they know you’ve heard what they had to say. Your Facebook page is an even more valuable place to interact with your customers. Post relevant articles and new content from your website for your customers who have “liked” you on Facebook can check out.

2)     Write a daily or weekly blog

There are several good reasons why you should be writing at least a weekly blog on your website. Your website serves as the main portal for how your customers find you. A good startup knows that by having fresh content on a daily or weekly basis makes all the difference in the world. Another good reason to keep fresh content on your website is that it can help keep your website on the front page of Google’s search results. Keywords are important and the harder you work, the more you’ll see results.

3)     Film funny videos

The most common way a startup can go viral is by filming a funny video and posting it on your website, Youtube and social media sites such as,, or Create an inspired commercial for your startup, perhaps by focusing on the fact that you’re the new kids in town. Producing a commercial these days doesn’t take a large investment, most digital cameras have a video feature built in and there many different places where you can find free software that can help you edit the video you shot. The best thing you can do is find a local college student in your area who might be studying film and ask them if they would be willing to help you produce the commercial in exchange for them expanding their portfolio. Posting the resulting footage and commercial on your blog/website is a great way to create buzz and word-of-mouth.