Mind Protein’s Internet Quickstart Program is THE Solution for Real Estate Investors who Want to Leverage the Power of the Internet to Grow their Businesses and Profits

Led by Internet Marketing Industry Leaders Led by the industry’s top internet marketers, Internet Quickstart harnesses the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs who have built multi-million dollar online businesses and dominate the affiliate marketing space.

The Birth of Mind Protein in an “Ah-ha” Moment

In the early days of FortuneBuilders, Than, Paul and Konrad struggled with getting a website. After learning all they could about how websites are made, what the “best practices” of site design were, and learning the technical jargon, they finally settled on a web developer.

They poured tens-of-thousands of dollars into developing a website, that in the end, was not flexible enough to grow with their success.

That expensive, inadequate website taught them some valuable lessons. They wanted to save their students from having to go through all the trouble they had experienced. That was the “ah-ha” moment when Mind Protein was born.

With the help of Ralph Plumb they set to work creating a new website and a complete internet marketing platform that would become Internet Quickstart. This program exists to help entrepreneurial real estate investors get trusted marketing expertise and a professional website without having to experience the same costly mistakes.

Systems and Support Every Step of the Way

Our highly skilled team of internet marketing consultants, web designers, and technical support guide and support students through the program to educate and empower them every step of the way.

We use the CT Homes website as the template that we build all our students’ websites from. It has evolved and gone through many changes over the years. Every update or revision has been meticulously tested to ensure each modification improves marketing results. The CT Homes website theme has a proven track record for success that we have passed onto our students. It enables them to get a web presence up and running without having to start from scratch. This ensures that every site we create performs well and gets the desired results.

Learn to Leverage the Internet to Build Wealth

The Internet Quickstart program was designed to provide real estate investors with education and a strategic blueprint to truly achieve the financial freedom and lifestyle you desire. If you are looking to expand the online presence of your business, Mind Protein’s Internet Quickstart program will lay out the roadmap of success for you. Now is the time to leverage online marketing to squeeze every last drop of juice out of the entrepreneurial lifestyle while striving to achieve the essential balance between work, family and recreation! You CAN have it all!